Report of the Ayurveda treatment experience in Germany


Ayurvedic treatment has one main objective: health. With massage, saunas, detoxification, excretion, exercise, relaxation, of course, the special Ayurvedic diet, this goal is also achieved. It can stay away from daily stress and can Tevida prevent diseases or adopt existing diseases. But, what exactly is Ayurvedic treatment like? What awaits you in the treatment of Ayurveda? How do you feel about that? Our editorial colleague Susan M. closely followed the experiences with Ayurvedic treatment.


My experience is Ayurvedic Spa in Germany.

Recently I have successfully completed the Tevida CANADA third Ayurvedic treatment and am pleased to pass on my personal experience of this treatment in this way to interested people. If you have forgotten your stressful daily life in a very short time, significantly improve your physical health and at the same time want to promote yourself, then Ayurvedic treatment may also be right for you.


Why choose Ayurvedic treatment in Germany?

Three years ago, I met Ayurveda. Physically and psychologically it was not so good for me at that time. I felt burns and showed many physical complaints that I had to take care of myself quickly.









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