Plastic Christmas tree with

Plastic Christmas tree with a poor evaluation of the life cycle.
Springer discovered that buying an artificial Christmas tree only every ten years is more damaging to the environment than buying a real Christmas tree every year. According to Singer, the real Christmas tree can affect climate change more positively than a plastic tree. After evaluating all the research studies that compared Christmas trees to artificial Christmas trees, Springer was able to tell her that she would keep the artificial Christmas tree for up to 20 years. Only then the evaluation of their life cycle was a little cheaper than buying 20 real trees.

With the replacement of artificial Christmas trees six years later, after a study in 2009, consultant Elibosos announced that the real life of two meters of the Christmas tree is 60 percent better than the artificial Christmas tree, which will be used during six years. ,

China plastic Christmas trees – unhealthy and unhealthy
LCA is largely credited with artificial Christmas trees that Trialix are unfavorable to the fact that most of them are produced in China, so midway transportation around the world requires huge amounts of fossil fuels.

In addition, the founder of Ellipsos Jean-Sebastien Trudel is concerned that artificial Christmas trees are made of polyvinyl chloride. The production of this plastic from petroleum consumes a lot of energy. Trees made of polyvinyl chloride also tend to release volatile organic chemicals into the environment, which often leads to allergic reactions or other health problems.

True Christmas trees do not cause allergies.
Interestingly, nowadays, in addition to the reasons of cost and convenience, only health problems cause many people to resort to artificial Christmas trees. For example, according to Springer, many consumers believe that real trees are dangerous because they can cause allergies. As Clint Springer explains, Clint Springer explains that Clint Springer has no risk of allergies, so he wants to resort to an artificial tree, since fear of allergies should not be part of it.

Christmas trees in size for a medium sized living room are smaller than those of flowers and, therefore, form pollen. Regardless of the quality of the small decoration, people allergic to birch pollen can plant a birch tree, such as a Christmas tree, so that these two-meter trees do not carry pollen, especially in December.

The pine as a Christmas tree of low resolution.
Others fear that they may be too sensitive to the smell of the true resin of the Christmas tree. In this case, the biologist recommends buying pine instead of fir, since pine wood does not smell as thick as spruce.

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