Natural remedies for age spots: groups work better.

Natural remedies for age spots: groups work better.
For age spots, there are simple means. If you use them, the colors can fade unpopular with little patience, without having to see the processor. Of course, the above sets of measurements can be obtained.

So, for example, you can first apply apple cider vinegar, wash after exposure for half an hour, then rub the castor oil in addition to taking internal antioxidants. The probability of success in the use of age-appropriate treatments is much greater than using only one of these measures.

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Facial care with coconut oil – Yes or No

Coconut oil is an oil of adequate quality of very high quality with healing properties, both internal and external. Coconut oil is often recommended for the care of the skin and face. Softens the skin, moisturizes and absorbs very quickly. At the same time, coconut oil contains antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects, demonstrating a beneficial effect on many skin problems, including acne. But other sources say that coconut oil blocks the pores and should not be used to care for the face. We look who is right.

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