Lymphatic cleansing for 3 days.

A lymphreinigung is incredibly effective, especially if you exercised a basic base or a surplus basic diet last month and performed a colon cleansing. Lymphatic therapy for three days is a complete complement to any colon Trialix cleansing program. Three days is the minimum you need for a budget to cleanse your lymphatic system. Through the three-day program described below, you can purify, purify, strengthen and eliminate toxins from the lymph vessels and lymph nodes throughout the body.


Why lymphatic cleansing?

Lymphatic cleansing cleanses and eliminates the lymphatic system. The lymphatic system consists of several lymphatic vessels, which are filled with lymphatic fluid (lymphatic) and are transported throughout the body.


The lymphatic vessels become thinner and the more they penetrate the tissues. There they get all the waste released by the body’s cells in the Trialix CANADA water between the cells. However, they also eat bacteria, toxins, obsolete cells, parts of cells and even cancer cells, so all the debts, waste and dangerous substances through the capillaries (smaller blood vessels) are very thick, very practical or simply highly toxic.


The lymph nodes pass through the lymph nodes at certain intervals. There, all foreign substances, waste and hazardous materials are filtered and deactivated as much as possible. Because in the lymph nodes are food and defensive cells, which are in the work clock.


Lymphatic system: clarifying and filtering the body system.

Therefore, the lymphatic system is a kind of filter and filter system in the body and keeps the water clean and cleans the body. But he has not always managed to achieve this in an integral way. It is lymphatic obstruction, and all harmful substances can not be eliminated and neutralized. Now they are entering the blood, where it can cause progressive poisoning and malignancy of the whole organism and, in the long run, contribute to the development of many chronic diseases.










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