Hemp leaf powder:

Hemp leaf powder: total nutritional supplement.
Cannabis leaves are harvested after a few weeks of planting, usually in June. Subsequently, the fibrous trunks are removed and the leaves are gently dried in air at 45 ° C.

Most of the nutrients are maintained so that the hemp leaf powder is one of the best complete nutritional supplements we know.

Because cannabis powder is taken regularly, it does not provide a lot of natural calcium, magnesium, iron and many trace elements, but it takes all these substances with high bioavailability and in a natural compound, such as they are in the plant.

There are all the accompanying substances that allow the best possible absorption and the use of food and dietary supplements are isolated, as for example. B. In calcium tablets – completely missing.

Many vital materials give you hemp leaf powder:
The corresponding table with the values ​​of Keto blast nutrients and biomass can be found here in this link.

Hemp leaf powder – application
Therefore, cannabis leaf powder is an excellent regional, natural and complete nutritional supplement, which can contribute significantly to small amounts to improve the supply of nutrients.

Especially if you want to save more calcium or iron, you can go back to the cannabis leaves. Often, iron tablets are difficult to digest and often cause indigestion, and this is not the case with hemp leaf dust.

Just make sure you consume enough vitamin C powder (citrus juices, juices), since you can increase the iron absorption of the hemp leaves several times.

For example, mix the powder of hemp leaves in juices or green juices. You can also stir it in green soups or sauces and dressings.

If you are baking cookies, bread or raw bread, you can also mix some cannabis leaves in the dough to increase the nutritional value of the corresponding cake.

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