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The researchers said their findings

The researchers said their findings challenge the current thinking that high triglyceride levels are a risk factor for chronic disorders related to age. The researchers said their study suggests that after the age of 80, taking a drug to lower cholesterol may be of little use or benefit.

A healthy diet can relieve the symptoms of depression.

A data analysis of nearly 46,000 people has found that weight loss, food promotion and weight reduction can reduce the symptoms of depression.

Dr. Joseph Firth, honorary researcher at the University of Manchester and an associate member of the NICM Health Research Institute at the University vexgen keto of Western Sydney, says that current research has not been able to establish definitively whether an improved diet can benefit mental health.

But in a new study published in psychiatry, Dr. Firth and his colleagues compiled all the existing data from clinical trials of mental health diets.

The study provides compelling evidence that improved diet significantly reduces the symptoms of depression, even in people who do not suffer from suspected depression disorders.

“So far, the overall evidence of the effects of diet on mood and mental well-being has not been evaluated,” said Dr. Firth.

“But the meta-analysis we’ve done recently has done it, which shows that a healthier diet can improve people’s mood, but it does not have a clear effect on anxiety.”

The study collected data from 16 randomized controlled trials that examined the effects of dietary interventions on the symptoms of depression and anxiety.

We included 16 eligible trials with results from 45,826 participants, most of them examining samples with non-clinical depression.

Magnesium deficiency

Magnesium deficiency prevents the digestion of fats.
Magnesium and complex vitamins work closely to control the digestion, absorption and utilization of proteins, fats and carbohydrates. They do it by activating their own enzymes. If magnesium or very little of the metal is missing, it may result in improper handling of the food. As a result, very different complaints can develop. These mainly include fluctuations in blood sugar that can lead to obesity sooner or later, as described below.

Magnesium deficiency prevents the loss of fat.
Magnesium is a “foreman” Insulin is indispensable. Insulin is a hormone in the pancreas that is supposed to transport sugar from food (glucose) to the cells of the body so that glucose can be used to supply energy there. Without¬†Keto Viante magnesium, however, insulin can not open the cell and, therefore, can not supply glucose to the cell.

It is said that the cells are resistant to insulin because they no longer respond to insulin and no longer take glucose. But they often do that because there is very little magnesium.

As a result, more and more insulin is released, hoping to reduce the now high blood sugar levels and the ability to transfer glucose to the cells of the body. Insulin levels are increasing. However, insulin has the property of inhibiting fat loss, as well as promoting the integration of fat into fat cells. This means that the high level of insulin can often get fat.

A high level of blood sugar ensures that excess glucose, which can not enter the cells to burn energy, now becomes fat and becomes fat cells. Both insulin resistance and high blood sugar levels are serious causes of type 2 diabetes.

A high level of sugar in the blood can permanently damage the tissues of the nerves and blood vessels of the body. Increase the risk of heart disease. Magnesium is needed to repair the tissue again. But nothing or very little is available, because his absence was already the cause of this chain reaction.

Onion juice – Application

Onion juice – Application
To date, many physiotherapists or herbalists recommend eating onion juice alone or in combination with other natural substances as a treatment for gray and fine hair.

The recommendations for use are very few, and may also be due to the fact that the use of onion juice is very simple:

You take, what is possible with short hairstyles, cut the onions and rub the cut surface on the scalp.

Or you can age onions with juice and massage the juice several times a day on the scalp.

In addition, of course, you should pay attention to the general Prache cream supply of hair with essential nutrients. Therefore, a nutritious and nutritious diet is essential for the hair, if it can not tolerate gray pressure and oxidation as best as possible.

White wine and liqueurs: risk factors for rosacea.

Rosacea is a chronic skin disorder characterized by redness, pimples and swelling in the middle area. It involves itching and pain, apart from mental stress due to visual change. It seems that there is a disorder that regulates blood vessels. In rosacea, this enlargement or even repair in the affected area. The causes of rosacea are relatively unknown. Researchers have now discovered the consumption of white wine regularly as a potential risk factor for the development of rosacea.