1. Can you name five chemical

1. Can you name five chemical components for cigarettes?
In general, very few smokers can answer this question. Although some people know that traditional cigarettes contain chemical components in addition to tobacco, they do not know which ones are specific.

The horrible terms like “sticks for cancer” or “nail cages” are perfectly justified for cigarettes, because they actually contain a lot of dangerous substances that can significantly reduce your life or affect your health. Almost 4000 different chemicals, of which about 200 have proven to be toxic, make the legs shine irresistibly. The following is a small group:

Nicotine is an alkaloid that is considered the fastest addictive substance in history. In addition, nicotine has been shown to promote cancer progression. magnum trt If the cancer exists, nicotine promotes its spread and the malignant tumor. Nicotine literally protects cancer until it grows safely, as we explain here: nicotine, the creator of the disease

Ammonia gas
Ammonia is a colorless, pungent gas and a toxic gas that causes irritation in the respiratory tract. As a result of its fat-soluble properties, any membrane of the cells can penetrate. Ammonia produces the smoky taste of cigarettes, accelerates the absorption of nicotine and thus increases its addictive effect.

Acetaldehyde is a colorless anesthetic liquid produced in the cigarette when the sugar is burned. The latter is also added to tobacco. The mixture of nicotine and acetaldehyde increases the addiction to the cigarette.

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