The researchers said their findings

The researchers said their findings challenge the current thinking that high triglyceride levels are a risk factor for chronic disorders related to age. The researchers said their study suggests that after the age of 80, taking a drug to lower cholesterol may be of little use or benefit.

A healthy diet can relieve the symptoms of depression.

A data analysis of nearly 46,000 people has found that weight loss, food promotion and weight reduction can reduce the symptoms of depression.

Dr. Joseph Firth, honorary researcher at the University of Manchester and an associate member of the NICM Health Research Institute at the University vexgen keto of Western Sydney, says that current research has not been able to establish definitively whether an improved diet can benefit mental health.

But in a new study published in psychiatry, Dr. Firth and his colleagues compiled all the existing data from clinical trials of mental health diets.

The study provides compelling evidence that improved diet significantly reduces the symptoms of depression, even in people who do not suffer from suspected depression disorders.

“So far, the overall evidence of the effects of diet on mood and mental well-being has not been evaluated,” said Dr. Firth.

“But the meta-analysis we’ve done recently has done it, which shows that a healthier diet can improve people’s mood, but it does not have a clear effect on anxiety.”

The study collected data from 16 randomized controlled trials that examined the effects of dietary interventions on the symptoms of depression and anxiety.

We included 16 eligible trials with results from 45,826 participants, most of them examining samples with non-clinical depression.

Magnesium deficiency

Magnesium deficiency prevents the digestion of fats.
Magnesium and complex vitamins work closely to control the digestion, absorption and utilization of proteins, fats and carbohydrates. They do it by activating their own enzymes. If magnesium or very little of the metal is missing, it may result in improper handling of the food. As a result, very different complaints can develop. These mainly include fluctuations in blood sugar that can lead to obesity sooner or later, as described below.

Magnesium deficiency prevents the loss of fat.
Magnesium is a “foreman” Insulin is indispensable. Insulin is a hormone in the pancreas that is supposed to transport sugar from food (glucose) to the cells of the body so that glucose can be used to supply energy there. Without Keto Viante magnesium, however, insulin can not open the cell and, therefore, can not supply glucose to the cell.

It is said that the cells are resistant to insulin because they no longer respond to insulin and no longer take glucose. But they often do that because there is very little magnesium.

As a result, more and more insulin is released, hoping to reduce the now high blood sugar levels and the ability to transfer glucose to the cells of the body. Insulin levels are increasing. However, insulin has the property of inhibiting fat loss, as well as promoting the integration of fat into fat cells. This means that the high level of insulin can often get fat.

A high level of blood sugar ensures that excess glucose, which can not enter the cells to burn energy, now becomes fat and becomes fat cells. Both insulin resistance and high blood sugar levels are serious causes of type 2 diabetes.

A high level of sugar in the blood can permanently damage the tissues of the nerves and blood vessels of the body. Increase the risk of heart disease. Magnesium is needed to repair the tissue again. But nothing or very little is available, because his absence was already the cause of this chain reaction.

Onion juice – Application

Onion juice – Application
To date, many physiotherapists or herbalists recommend eating onion juice alone or in combination with other natural substances as a treatment for gray and fine hair.

The recommendations for use are very few, and may also be due to the fact that the use of onion juice is very simple:

You take, what is possible with short hairstyles, cut the onions and rub the cut surface on the scalp.

Or you can age onions with juice and massage the juice several times a day on the scalp.

In addition, of course, you should pay attention to the general Prache cream supply of hair with essential nutrients. Therefore, a nutritious and nutritious diet is essential for the hair, if it can not tolerate gray pressure and oxidation as best as possible.

White wine and liqueurs: risk factors for rosacea.

Rosacea is a chronic skin disorder characterized by redness, pimples and swelling in the middle area. It involves itching and pain, apart from mental stress due to visual change. It seems that there is a disorder that regulates blood vessels. In rosacea, this enlargement or even repair in the affected area. The causes of rosacea are relatively unknown. Researchers have now discovered the consumption of white wine regularly as a potential risk factor for the development of rosacea.

Is it really impossible to absorb

Is it really impossible to absorb the biological nutrients of bananas?
Not only Jeffrey says so, other experts agree with the relevant information of the portal this view. Who are these experts again, but they will not betray the related article. Instead, they read almost the same as in Daryl Geoffrey’s article, which means that bananas can not specifically absorb potassium and vitamin B6 without other food. Why should it be like this, cover yourself in silence?

High sugar content
The next drawback of a banana breakfast is the high sugar content of the fruit. That’s almost 25 percent. The result is a high level of blood sugar very Overnight Lean Keto quickly, which in any case becomes deep again, so it can reach cravings, before lunch. Apart from the resulting blood sugar fluctuations, bananas should not be eaten, as they will not only fill it for lunch.

“They give you a quick boost, but you’re tired and hungry quickly,” said Daryl Geoffrey, according to the quote. Finally, Jeffrey believes that, due to the sugar content, the banana is made in the body, produces alcohol and, therefore, affects the digestive system. But if you combine them with moisli, yogurt and nuts, everything is no longer a problem and you can get a banana breakfast.

The supposed disadvantages of the banana breakfast.
We summarize:

Bananas are acidic and must be combined with fat.
The body can not absorb potassium and vitamin B6 from bananas without other foods.
Bananas are rich in sugar and lead to fluctuations in blood sugar with cravings.
Bananas are not enough to make you hungry before lunch.
Bananas lead to fermentation processes, which is unfortunate for the intestines.
While there is no mistake in eating bananas and cereal for breakfast with cereal or yogurt, the above arguments about the reason for doing so are questionable. There is nothing wrong with obtaining bananas for breakfast, regardless of individual intolerance, of course.

The following are some of the indicators of the preceding claims:

1. Can you name five chemical

1. Can you name five chemical components for cigarettes?
In general, very few smokers can answer this question. Although some people know that traditional cigarettes contain chemical components in addition to tobacco, they do not know which ones are specific.

The horrible terms like “sticks for cancer” or “nail cages” are perfectly justified for cigarettes, because they actually contain a lot of dangerous substances that can significantly reduce your life or affect your health. Almost 4000 different chemicals, of which about 200 have proven to be toxic, make the legs shine irresistibly. The following is a small group:

Nicotine is an alkaloid that is considered the fastest addictive substance in history. In addition, nicotine has been shown to promote cancer progression. magnum trt If the cancer exists, nicotine promotes its spread and the malignant tumor. Nicotine literally protects cancer until it grows safely, as we explain here: nicotine, the creator of the disease

Ammonia gas
Ammonia is a colorless, pungent gas and a toxic gas that causes irritation in the respiratory tract. As a result of its fat-soluble properties, any membrane of the cells can penetrate. Ammonia produces the smoky taste of cigarettes, accelerates the absorption of nicotine and thus increases its addictive effect.

Acetaldehyde is a colorless anesthetic liquid produced in the cigarette when the sugar is burned. The latter is also added to tobacco. The mixture of nicotine and acetaldehyde increases the addiction to the cigarette.

Plastic Christmas tree with

Plastic Christmas tree with a poor evaluation of the life cycle.
Springer discovered that buying an artificial Christmas tree only every ten years is more damaging to the environment than buying a real Christmas tree every year. According to Singer, the real Christmas tree can affect climate change more positively than a plastic tree. After evaluating all the research studies that compared Christmas trees to artificial Christmas trees, Springer was able to tell her that she would keep the artificial Christmas tree for up to 20 years. Only then the evaluation of their life cycle was a little cheaper than buying 20 real trees.

With the replacement of artificial Christmas trees six years later, after a study in 2009, consultant Elibosos announced that the real life of two meters of the Christmas tree is 60 percent better than the artificial Christmas tree, which will be used during six years. ,

China plastic Christmas trees – unhealthy and unhealthy
LCA is largely credited with artificial Christmas trees that Trialix are unfavorable to the fact that most of them are produced in China, so midway transportation around the world requires huge amounts of fossil fuels.

In addition, the founder of Ellipsos Jean-Sebastien Trudel is concerned that artificial Christmas trees are made of polyvinyl chloride. The production of this plastic from petroleum consumes a lot of energy. Trees made of polyvinyl chloride also tend to release volatile organic chemicals into the environment, which often leads to allergic reactions or other health problems.

True Christmas trees do not cause allergies.
Interestingly, nowadays, in addition to the reasons of cost and convenience, only health problems cause many people to resort to artificial Christmas trees. For example, according to Springer, many consumers believe that real trees are dangerous because they can cause allergies. As Clint Springer explains, Clint Springer explains that Clint Springer has no risk of allergies, so he wants to resort to an artificial tree, since fear of allergies should not be part of it.

Christmas trees in size for a medium sized living room are smaller than those of flowers and, therefore, form pollen. Regardless of the quality of the small decoration, people allergic to birch pollen can plant a birch tree, such as a Christmas tree, so that these two-meter trees do not carry pollen, especially in December.

The pine as a Christmas tree of low resolution.
Others fear that they may be too sensitive to the smell of the true resin of the Christmas tree. In this case, the biologist recommends buying pine instead of fir, since pine wood does not smell as thick as spruce.

Natural remedies for age spots: groups work better.

Natural remedies for age spots: groups work better.
For age spots, there are simple means. If you use them, the colors can fade unpopular with little patience, without having to see the processor. Of course, the above sets of measurements can be obtained.

So, for example, you can first apply apple cider vinegar, wash after exposure for half an hour, then rub the castor oil in addition to taking internal antioxidants. The probability of success in the use of age-appropriate treatments is much greater than using only one of these measures.

We wish you much success!

Your Health Center team.

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Facial care with coconut oil – Yes or No

Coconut oil is an oil of adequate quality of very high quality with healing properties, both internal and external. Coconut oil is often recommended for the care of the skin and face. Softens the skin, moisturizes and absorbs very quickly. At the same time, coconut oil contains antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects, demonstrating a beneficial effect on many skin problems, including acne. But other sources say that coconut oil blocks the pores and should not be used to care for the face. We look who is right.

Report of the Ayurveda treatment experience in Germany


Ayurvedic treatment has one main objective: health. With massage, saunas, detoxification, excretion, exercise, relaxation, of course, the special Ayurvedic diet, this goal is also achieved. It can stay away from daily stress and can Tevida prevent diseases or adopt existing diseases. But, what exactly is Ayurvedic treatment like? What awaits you in the treatment of Ayurveda? How do you feel about that? Our editorial colleague Susan M. closely followed the experiences with Ayurvedic treatment.


My experience is Ayurvedic Spa in Germany.

Recently I have successfully completed the Tevida CANADA third Ayurvedic treatment and am pleased to pass on my personal experience of this treatment in this way to interested people. If you have forgotten your stressful daily life in a very short time, significantly improve your physical health and at the same time want to promote yourself, then Ayurvedic treatment may also be right for you.


Why choose Ayurvedic treatment in Germany?

Three years ago, I met Ayurveda. Physically and psychologically it was not so good for me at that time. I felt burns and showed many physical complaints that I had to take care of myself quickly.









Lymphatic cleansing for 3 days.

A lymphreinigung is incredibly effective, especially if you exercised a basic base or a surplus basic diet last month and performed a colon cleansing. Lymphatic therapy for three days is a complete complement to any colon Trialix cleansing program. Three days is the minimum you need for a budget to cleanse your lymphatic system. Through the three-day program described below, you can purify, purify, strengthen and eliminate toxins from the lymph vessels and lymph nodes throughout the body.


Why lymphatic cleansing?

Lymphatic cleansing cleanses and eliminates the lymphatic system. The lymphatic system consists of several lymphatic vessels, which are filled with lymphatic fluid (lymphatic) and are transported throughout the body.


The lymphatic vessels become thinner and the more they penetrate the tissues. There they get all the waste released by the body’s cells in the Trialix CANADA water between the cells. However, they also eat bacteria, toxins, obsolete cells, parts of cells and even cancer cells, so all the debts, waste and dangerous substances through the capillaries (smaller blood vessels) are very thick, very practical or simply highly toxic.


The lymph nodes pass through the lymph nodes at certain intervals. There, all foreign substances, waste and hazardous materials are filtered and deactivated as much as possible. Because in the lymph nodes are food and defensive cells, which are in the work clock.


Lymphatic system: clarifying and filtering the body system.

Therefore, the lymphatic system is a kind of filter and filter system in the body and keeps the water clean and cleans the body. But he has not always managed to achieve this in an integral way. It is lymphatic obstruction, and all harmful substances can not be eliminated and neutralized. Now they are entering the blood, where it can cause progressive poisoning and malignancy of the whole organism and, in the long run, contribute to the development of many chronic diseases.










Hemp leaf powder:

Hemp leaf powder: total nutritional supplement.
Cannabis leaves are harvested after a few weeks of planting, usually in June. Subsequently, the fibrous trunks are removed and the leaves are gently dried in air at 45 ° C.

Most of the nutrients are maintained so that the hemp leaf powder is one of the best complete nutritional supplements we know.

Because cannabis powder is taken regularly, it does not provide a lot of natural calcium, magnesium, iron and many trace elements, but it takes all these substances with high bioavailability and in a natural compound, such as they are in the plant.

There are all the accompanying substances that allow the best possible absorption and the use of food and dietary supplements are isolated, as for example. B. In calcium tablets – completely missing.

Many vital materials give you hemp leaf powder:
The corresponding table with the values ​​of Keto blast nutrients and biomass can be found here in this link.

Hemp leaf powder – application
Therefore, cannabis leaf powder is an excellent regional, natural and complete nutritional supplement, which can contribute significantly to small amounts to improve the supply of nutrients.

Especially if you want to save more calcium or iron, you can go back to the cannabis leaves. Often, iron tablets are difficult to digest and often cause indigestion, and this is not the case with hemp leaf dust.

Just make sure you consume enough vitamin C powder (citrus juices, juices), since you can increase the iron absorption of the hemp leaves several times.

For example, mix the powder of hemp leaves in juices or green juices. You can also stir it in green soups or sauces and dressings.

If you are baking cookies, bread or raw bread, you can also mix some cannabis leaves in the dough to increase the nutritional value of the corresponding cake.

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